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Lighter: The Series

Updated: May 7, 2019

Every human that survived the wandering swore to make Novo Terra a peaceful place. They were itinerant by their own making after centuries of human pollution rendered Planet Earth inhospitable. Humans drifted, destitute and aimless, until the gods and demons of Novo Terra welcomed them home. To repay that kindness, humans endeavored to write a fresh history upon their newly gifted slates.

But humans are incorrigible.


Three hundred years later, Novo Terra is fractured. Gods and demons have created their own dimensions and humans are entering their tenth year of war. It is a vicious era of bloodlust and vengeance. Too many betrayals are muddying the waters and no one's hands are clean.


It is amidst this turmoil that Layra, a self-identified monster, is striving toward revenge. A combination of human, god, and demon, her one goal in life is to destroy King Asa, the man who torments her. But Layra comes to realize the price of victory may be to high to pay. Killing Asa may also mean the destruction of the one person she's vowed to protect.


The Lighter Series follows Layra as she tries to resolve her dilemma. Her goal changes as she makes allies and fights onward. Through her strength, Layra becomes the key to bringing Novo Terra back together, unifying humans, gods and demons to create a peace that's lighter than all of their past and present darkness.

This gritty story is told through four books. Lighter: Choice, Lighter: Truth, Lighter: Hope, and Lighter: Peace.

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