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Lighter: The Series

A dark, 4-book fantasy series following a human hybrid's quest for revenge and the dilemmas she faces while killing, protecting, and finding peace.

Trans-formation Tuesdays

Building awareness of transgender, non-binary and gender expansive persons in media.

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Dark fantasy, dark humor, transgender activism and flash fiction. Whet your appetite, lovely. 

Free-Verse Fridays: Welcome

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Welcome readers!

I'm grateful you stopped by. Get in on this ground floor and hang on for the ride. I write fantasy with a hard edge and intentionally non-traditional characters. All in the pursuit of solid story and kickass representation. My goal in starting this blog is to share my imagination, sarcasm, and love of inclusive, edgy stories with similarly black-hearted souls. Consider yourself a revolutionary? Then please come back. Follow me. Help me prove to people who think in dollars and cents that we, the outsiders, the spice for the bland, are more than worthy of being published in all our non-conforming glory. I promise to make the investment worth it. Let's make life tasty.

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