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Lighter: The Series

A dark, 4-book fantasy series following a human hybrid's quest for revenge and the dilemmas she faces while killing, protecting, and finding peace.

Trans-formation Tuesdays

Building awareness of transgender, non-binary and gender expansive persons in media.

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Dark fantasy, dark humor, transgender activism and flash fiction. Whet your appetite, lovely. 

First Publication!

D.L. Cordero is now a published author! How exciting is that? Not only is this a huge milestone, but it's doubly special to me because I didn't have to sacrifice any of the things I love to achieve this benchmark. My first published piece features a transgender character, Spanish-English hybridization, and just the right amount of creep factor to keep you on your toes. So please enjoy my short story, "I am Granchild", as published by Prometheus Dreaming Magazine.