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Lighter: King Asa

King Asa is the most despised man in the new fantasy book series, Lighter. The king is known to be as sadistic as he is powerful, with eyes that glitter like gold whenever he cracks a whip against a victim's back. Only one soldier ever made it back from Asa's capture and the poor soul was so disfigured that shockwaves rippled through the opposing troops. Now every soldier would rather commit suicide than be taken alive.


With that kind of reputation, King Asa is easily blamed for instigating Novo Terra's ten year war. He's an other. The ultimate enemy. Someone whose true self gets lost in the dark fantasy and legend surrounding him.

But as with any of the best fantasy novels written, this antagonist bears the scars of a past so twisted, it's hard to blame King Asa for what he has become. Betrayal. The concealed cruelty of once trusted hands. King Asa is as much a victim as anyone else.


Who betrayed Asa? Why and how? The extent of those secrets are unraveled page by page in the Lighter fantasy novels. But know that prejudice incited action against Asa. Even before the war, he was seen as an other. King Asa is a Dae-bearer, someone who can wield demon energy. Because of his rare power, Asa became a target, someone who needed to be taken care of before he got out of hand.


Asa didn't chose to be a monster. He was made to be one. His hurt and pain led him to wage war to rectify the wrongs wrought upon him. But the scars and wounds of betrayal have left his mind mired in bloodlust and resentment. King Asa is powerless to stop his rotting. Someone else must stop it for him.

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