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Lighter: Layra

Layra is is the anti-hero of the new fantasy book series Lighter. Her name is one she chose for herself, defiantly claimed in the face of King Asa's violence.

Layra was captured by Asa when she was a young girl. But Layra no longer resembles that quiet, innocent girl of the past. Through Asa's vengeful spells, Layra is now equally human, demon, and god, infused with energies from all three species on Novo Terra. She is capable of unparalleled destruction, used by Asa, King of Mullein, as an ultimate weapon.

But in Lighter: Choice, Layra manages to throw off Asa's shackles, setting the stage for a sweet revenge she's been eager to savor. The first book in the Lighter fantasy series follows Layra's many dilemmas as she journeys toward retribution. Killing Asa isn't simple. She must reckon with the reality that Asa's slaughter may also mean her beloved's death. The one person she vowed to protect and treasure. Can she bring herself to sacrifice them to end Asa's tyranny?


Layra's difficult journey evolves throughout the Lighter fantasy book series. It becomes momentum capable of bringing the fractured pieces of Novo Terra back together. That's something Layra may or may not have intended. Depends on perspective, human, demon or god's. But despite her cleft shape and ragged edges, Layra is undoubtedly the monster Novo Terra needs. Vengeance has never brought a world back together like this before.

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