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Lighter: Novo Terra


Planet Earth became too poisonous for human life after centuries of unbridled pollution, inducing humans to wander in search of a new home. It took ages and few survived. But those who did treasured Novo Terra like the glittering emerald it resembles from space.


Where Earth was blue, Novo Terra is richly green. Land and sea alike are bathed in veridigris. Yet, there is tremendous ecological diversity under Novo Terra's bright skies. Four continents are replete with vast mountain ranges, deserts, plains, volcanoes, plateaus and ice fields. There are silken sand beaches, humid, dense jungles, and craggy interconnected caves that serve as labyrinths for the ill-prepared.


Before the ten year war, humans, gods and demons lived intermixed upon the four continents. However, as tensions mounted, borders became more defined and five human kingdoms were established. Mullein is to the north, Sumire to the south. Yarrow is west while Shiloh is east. Caona lies centrally and shares a border with Mullein.


Demons and gods created their own dimensions shortly before human war broke out, segregating each species to its own plane on Novo Terra. Sparse communication occurs between the three species and little is known about how the other is faring. However, humans do know that demons and gods are also in dire straits within their respective dimensions. It appears that even though separate dimensions were created to establish safety, all three are rife with conflict and resentment.

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