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Lighter: Queen Akashi

Queen Akashi is a major player in the new fantasy book series, Lighter. She is the ruler of the Kingdom of Sumire, King Asa's latest target. Known the world over for her scientific mind and strength, Akashi literally lends her prowess to the fight by battling on the frontlines alongside her people. She is ferocious in the defense of her country, viewing surrender as inexcusable.

Yet, Queen Akashi carries the weight of the past's secrets upon her shoulders. It's a burden she continuously grapples with over the course of the Lighter fantasy novels. The past mistakes, flawed intentions, her role in starting the Ten Year War. Akashi has much to lose if those secrets are revealed.


Akashi's battle is complex, full of split loyalties, resilience, and the search for atonement. The nature of her conflict emphasizes a truth proven time and again throughout the dark fantasy books. No one, whether they be human, demon, or god, is either wholly bad or good.

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