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Lighter: Sel (they/them)

Lieutenant Colonel Sel will be a queerio's favorite in the new Lighter fantasy book series. They are an outsider turned leader, someone who rose to power after overcoming discrimination through skill, resilience, and strategic alliance. Sel is a non-binary badass that claims respect and authority. Yet, their struggle to find belonging is something almost every transgender person can relate to.


LTC Sel hails from the coastal regions of Caona. Sel was born with the ability to wield god energy, something that wasn't supposed to be possible anymore at the time of Sel's birth. Consequently, Sel was markedly an other from childhood. They were held at arm's length, seen as unexplainable and strange, a recurrent theme in the dark fantasy books. People's lack of understanding then turned to fear once Asa, King of Mullein, started to wage war against the other kingdoms of Novo Terra. Parallels were drawn between Asa and Sel. Both of them outsiders. Both of them capable of immense power. People worried what would happen if Sel turned against them too.


Sel proved their loyalty and dedication to the people's cause through dogged determination and brilliant feats of strength. Key Anachron military leaders then recognized Sel as an asset, viewing their otherness as wholly necessary in the war against Asa. Sel rose through the ranks and was ultimately placed in charge of leading the most pivotal mission in the Ten Year War, the rescue of Layra. The success of that mission finally yielded Anachron enough momentum to turn the tide against Asa's tyranny. Because that's what happens when non-binary badasses take charge. They get sh*t done!

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