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Trans-formation Tuesdays: Take Me There

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

I promised we would make life spicy! Today's feature is the trans and genderqueer erotica anthology Take Me There.


It can be difficult to relate to one's body sexually when you're trans or nonbinary (NB). People tell you you're not real. That you're supposed to be something other than what you are. In addition to this external shaming, many trans and NB folx experience body dysphoria that necessitates mental gymnastics. You learn to hang from a trapeze, psychologically distant from your body, so you can continue functioning in other areas of your life.


Reading about how other trans and NB folx experience bodily pleasure can then be a way to help facilitate that process of re-connection. Not everyone desires to be sexual, but for those of us who do, Take Me There can help provide that spark. The book is composed of 29 separate stories all written by different authors, so there's enough variety of characters, settings and writing styles for you to find something that piques your attention. Many of the stories are short too, so you can burn through several steamy narratives in one go.


These are fun reads, intended to validate trans and NB desire, instead of tokenizing or exoticizing it. If your looking for something sexy to enjoy on your own or with another partner(s), see if Take Me There can get you there too.

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