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D.L. Cordero: writing fantasy and poetry

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D.L. Cordero is a published science fiction and fantasy author, occasional poet and horror dabbler living and working in Denver, Colorado. As a nonbinary, queer, Afro-latinx and Taíno person (from Boriken, a.k.a. Puerto Rico), they aim to write intriguing stories that center characters from marginalized communities, without making identity the crux of the story. They reside with their kick-ass wife, Sophia, and their blind pit bull Ayo. 


A Word About Pronouns

D.L. identifies as nonbinary, which means they do not solely identify as man or woman. D.L. uses the singular ‘they’ and respectfully requests you do the same when referencing them.

Why I write

Creative writing feels like a compulsion, something that’s so deeply ingrained that if I don’t write books, part of my identity feels lost. When I was young, I carried notepads and pencils with me while walking to school, shopping for groceries, and cooking for my family. I jotted down plot ideas and characters, constructed marvelous epics, and drew rough sketches. All of these early narratives were about someone fighting to find their place in this world. Someone who had been tossed aside, hurt, and made to feel insignificant. This same person trusted in their strength and it was through their empowerment that they overcame and found peace.

Combine that overcomer with magic, the supernatural, and a penchant for the twisted, and you get D.L. Cordero, the current author of dark fantasy fiction. Yet, while my stories continue to feature superhuman protagonists, the plot lines, themes and character identities have become layered. The pacing of each narrative is quick, the dynamics intriguing and fun. But underlying the fantasy is something intensely real. The fallout of systematic oppression. Marginalization.  Navigating the world while being a person of color, queer, and transgender.

My goal in writing my fantasy novels is to provide readers with exciting and engrossing stories that prominently emphasize diversity and equity. I live at the intersection of identity, with only parts of myself validated and acknowledged given ever-changing contexts. A person with privilege and disadvantage. Someone who overcomes barriers by empowering themselves through self-acceptance. My fantasy novels are imbued with this experience and the desire for belonging.

Whether you read my novels, short stories or poetry, you will find this layered experience in every story. May you be down for the thrill ride and stick around for the growth.

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