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Pride 2020

"None of us are free if one of us are chained." -Solomon Burke

In solidarity with #blacklivesmatter , I will be using my social media platforms to amplify the voices of Black and Afro-latinx artists, writers, educators, and activists for the month of June. During past Pride months, I've turned over my platform to run features of creatives in the LGBTQ+ community. Using an intersectional approach, most of this year's featured creatives will be queer and Black or trans and Black. As someone living at the intersections of race, gender, and sexual orientation, it is crucially important to me to work toward the liberation and joy of marginalized communities. Not all of us have the same amount of power in the systems we live in, but it is imperative for us to do what we can.

For those of you are are not Black and reading this post, I ask you to follow this series on Instagram or Facebook (@dlcorderowrites), and share the work of the creatives working toward change.

If you are a Black creative reading this post and you would like to be featured, please message me and I can give you more details. I will prioritize queer and trans Black voices this month, but I am committed to running features for the foreseeable future.

Digging the hoodie pictured below? Please consider supporting The Black Teacher Project


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